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ICTWaarborgMINIXWEBSHOP is a member of ICTWaarborg

We are a member of ICTWaarborg and we are certified in June 2016. This means that as a consumer, you can count on a reliable and consumerfriendly company, certified by ICTWaarborg.

This will offer you 7 securities:

1. Reliability

ICTWaarborg has a certification procedure which checks businesses on a few vital points. A business certified by ICTWaarborg is therefore 'reliable'.

2. Handling of disputes

If you have a problem, and you cannot get to a solution with the help of the business that is a member of ICTWaarborg, ICTWaarborg offers you a couple of possibilities to get to a solution.

Consumers can use mediation, but only if no other party has been asked to get to a solution.

3. Tailor-made general terms and conditions

Consumers who do business with a member of ICTWaarborg can count on it that the general terms and conditions are completely in line with the consumer law and that they do not contain anything that is disadvantageous to the consumer. So when it comes to terms and conditions, ICTWaarborg offers security

4. Taking over liability

If your product or service proves to be defective after the warranty period, you can still contact the member of ICTWaarborg. If the business goes bankrupt, you can contact the Stichting ICTWaarborgFonds for a year after, in case of defects that can be classified as a non-conformity.

5. Guaranteed fulfillment of warranty obligations

If a member of ICTWaarborg goes bankrupt, Stichting ICTWaarborgFonds will make sure that all obligations regarding manufacturer's warranty will be met for a year after. The maximum period is 3 years after purchase date.

6. Fulfillment agreements in case of bankruptcy

If special agreements have been made during the purchase, and a member of ICTWaarborg goes bankrupt, Stichting ICTWaarborgFonds will make sure that these agreements will be fulfilled up until one year after they have been made. This includes at least the agreements that, given the purchase, can be seen as reasonable and fair.

7. Security in case of cessation

You want to be sure that you do not draw short straw if a businesses that you have an active agreement with stops doing business. If that happens, ICTWaarborg will get you into contact with one or multiple businesses that can continue the services under the same conditions, or conditions that are very similar