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  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
  • iPega PG-9028 Bluetooth Gamepad
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Article number: iPega PG-9028 Game Controller
EAN: 6987246390284
SKU: PG-9028 iPega Game Controller
Availability: In stock (99)
Brand: iPega

This XBox look a like wireless bluetooth gamepad is a real musthave for all gamers. As of now, you can use your Android MINIX for gaming! Connect the gamepad to your Bluetooth MINIX and play the best games that Google Play Store has to offer. Games luke Ashphalt 8 or other games compatible with a GamePad are no problem at all! You will determine how you play your games; all keys can be set according to your preference.

What makes this GamePad so special, is that it works on your MINIX, but also on your smartphone!

The Bluetooth GamePad does not require batteries, since it has a rechargeable battery which can be charged via a USB cable. Works on all Android devices and even on iPhone. You do not need an app to connect GamePad; Bluetooth suffices!

Every game that supports HID (Human Interface Device) or Gamepad function can be played with the Bluetooth Gamepad. For the smarty-pants: via 3rd party Gamepad emulator apps and a root, almost all games can be played, even games without HID support! (We are in talks with Hardwareguru to do this for you

Android MINIX connection:

1) Turn on Bluetooth on your MINIX.

2) Turn on the GamePad.

3) Choose the desired channel (X + HOME) - see manual.

4) Have the MINIX search for bluetooth devices

5) Your MINIX recognizes/sees the Gamepad.

6) Click on the gamepad by using the cursor on your MINIX.

7) Select coupling. Your GamePad is coupled.

If you finished this, your MINIX will remember the GamePad. After this, you only have to press the Home button, and it will connect automatically.

Games tested with the iPega PG-9028:

1) Dead Trigger 2 available at https://goo.gl/8dhyKJ
2) Eternity Warriors II available at https://goo.gl/AlgyLq
3) Angry Birds Go available at https://goo.gl/UVyAAI
4) Beach Buggy Racing available at https://goo.gl/rjnZi4
5) Asphalt 8 Airborn available at https://goo.gl/rjeMBO

6) SoulCraft available at https://goo.gl/AK2lFl
7)The Walking Dead S2 available at https://goo.gl/YOt18e
8) BladeLords available at https://goo.gl/1WQJZm
9) Tiny Little Racing 2 available at https://goo.gl/EBhxXO
10) GT Racing 2 available at https://goo.gl/dRi9Zv

11) Bike Rivals - https://goo.gl/aKvMOi
12) Ultimate Football - https://goo.gl/QRRKwm
13) Ski Safari 2 - https://goo.gl/ap8i0y
14) BADLAND - https://goo.gl/Th2oe1
15) Blitz Brigade - https://goo.gl/5eAai7

16) Tank Riders 2 - https://goo.gl/xA7Fut
17) Pocket Rally LITE - https://goo.gl/fHMrc3
18) Vendetta Online - https://goo.gl/Qy7W05
19) UNKILLED - https://goo.gl/YOGmII
20) Respawnables - https://goo.gl/HWNl02

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Supporting OS iOS, Android 3.2 and higher, Windows
Compatible models Bluetooth Android / iOS / PC devices
Connection Bluetooth V3.0 + HS
Key/keys 19
Bluetooth range 8m
Capacity built-in battery 380mAh
Stand-by time 72 hours
Charging time 2 hours
Game time 18 hours
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